Birthday (the manga)

Original title: Tanj˘bi / Baasudei / Birthday
Genre: Horror
Year: 1999 (Japan)
Drawer: Meimu
Author: Suzuki K˘ji

Storyline: Three stories, two of which show the life of Yamamura Sadako, and the other story shows a part of Rasen, but this time from Takano Mai's perspective. The stories are: Floating Coffin (the Rasen-story), Sadako (a brief story of Sadako's life from before she was born up to her death), and Lemonheart (the basis for Ring 0: Birthday (the movie); shows the romance between Sadako and T˘yama Hiroshi in the Hisho Acting Troupe). 

Review: Simply excellent drawing! The Sadako here is sooooooo cute, especially in the Sadako story (but even an Inou Rie-long-haired-style Sadako would have kicked ass here). Floating Coffin way extends Rasen, giving it actually more sense. Sadako basically is a story about the life of the Yamamura family and Yamamura Sadako, back from when Shizuko found the statue on En-no-Ozunu on the ocean bottom, and up to Sadako's death after being raped by Nagao J˘tar˘. Lemonheart is the basis for Ring 0: Birthday (the movie), but it's actually far, far better, than the movie. Also, please note, tha tthe story Sadako is an original story, not written by Suzuki K˘ji - the original book version of Birthday actually had the story Happy Birthday, which is the sequel to Loop (which is basically a sequel to Rasen).