Rasen (the manga)

Original title: Rasen / Spiral
Genre: Horror
Year: 1999 (Japan)
Drawer: Sakura Mizuki
Author: Suzuki Kôji

Storyline: Forensic patologist Andô Mitsuo has got the body of his friend from university, Takayama Ryuji, on his table, and finds inside him a message in code. Meanwhile, other strange events are starting to happen...

Review: Far, far better, than Ring 2 (the movie). However, I have yet to see the Rasen movie, so I can't compare with that yet. However, the storyline is very good, and it does indeed have some moments, that made me jump out of my seat, while reading it. Having read no other translations of it, I can't really judge the manga translation-wise, so I'll leave that to other people. Also, it's weird, how the Sadako in this manga suddenly appears, as if she were around 35 of age. However, one should consider that this manga was meant as an improvement of the Rasen movie, rather than a straight manga adaptation of the Rasen novel, so of course, it does have elements of the Rasen movie. But anyway, it's still very good.