Rasen (the novel)

Original title: Rasen / the Spiral
Genre: Horror
Length: Over 400 pages
Year: 1995 (Japan)
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.
Author: Suzuki Kôji

Storyline: Forensic patologist Andô Mitsuo has got the body of his friend from university, Takayama Ryuji, on his table, and finds inside him a message in code. Meanwhile, other strange events are starting to happen...

Review: Way batter than the manga. I haven't seen neither the movie, nor the TV series, so I can't yet compare the novel to them, although I heard both the movie and the series are nowhere as good as the novel is. Yet again, the story is superb, and overall, it's even better than its predecessor, Ring. It expands the whole story into something, that the so over-trumpeted American remakes have yet to reach. Of course, there's Rings, there's the Rasen movie, but none of them are as well-developed and as superb as the Rasen novel is. While Ring brought us into the world of the supernatural, ESP powers, etc., Rasen bring us to the world of science - not only with the detailed scientific explanations of things, such as viruses, DNA, etc., but also with the pictures of the Ring Virus itself. In one word: there was never a story as good as Rasen.