Ring (1998)

Original title: the Ring
Genre: Horror
Duration: 96 minutes
Year: 1998 (Japan)
Studio: Omega Project / Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.
Distribution: Toho Company Ltd.
Directed By: Nakata Hideo
Screenplay: Takahashi Hiroshi, based on the novel Ring by Suzuko K˘ji
Producers: Ichise Takashige, Kawai Shinya and Sento Takenori
Music: Kawai Kenji
Photography: Hayashi Junichir˘
Production design: Saito Iwao

        MATSUSHIMA NANAKO as Asakawa Reiko
        SANADA HIROYUKI as Takayama Ryuji
        MASAKO as Yamamura Shizuko
        BAN DAISUKE as professor Ikuma Heihachiro
        INOU RIE as Yamamura Sadako
        TAKEUCHI YUUKO as Ouishi Tomoko

Storyline: Reporter Asakawa Reiko investigates the death of her niece and four friends of hers. During the investigation, she finds and watches the cursed videotape, then she enlists help of her ex husband, Takayama Ryuji...

Review: Although different from the novel in many camps, and toning down the story's scientifical side, it does a very good job in toning up the story's supernatural side. The cursed video is somewhat too short, but still very well done, and also scary. Also, the main character's son does an excellent job in adding the scare element to the story. Of course, most of the heavy elements of the novel have disappeared in this version, including every time a rape is mentioned. But on the other hand, the ESP powers play a much bigger role in this version than in the original novel, and this even adds to the story's scariness. So, while this movie is not very descriptive, it's very scary, and this is the factor that makes it a classic. A classic of horror. So in one word, the movie is: excellent.