Ring 2

Original title: the Ring 2
Genre: Horror
Duration: 95 minutes
Year: 1999 (Japan)
Studio: Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. Ltd.
Distribution: Toho Company Ltd.
Directed By: Nakata Hideo
Screenplay: Nakata Hideo and Takahashi Hiroshi
Producers: Ichise Takashige
Music: Kawai Kenji
Photography: Yamamoto Hideo
Production design: Takahashi Nobuyuki

        NAKATANI MIKI as Takano Mai
        SATO HITOMI as Kurahashi Masami
        FUKADA KY‘KO as Sawaguchi Kanae
        KOHINATA FUMIYO as Dr. Kawajiri
        YANAGI YUUREI as Okazaki
        MATSUSHIMA NANAKO as Asakawa Reiko

Storyline: After seeing the cursed video in Ring (1998), Asakawa Reiko's son became mute. In the meanwhile, Takano Mai, Takayama Ryuji's student, is investigating on Ryuji's death, so she encounters Asakawa Reiko, which then dies... A doctor, Dr. Kawajiri, says that Yoichi can be freed with water...

Review: While Ring (1998) dealt with the story around the cursed videotape, Ring 2 tries to end Sadako's video curse. Now, the whole story around the water being able to neutralize the ESP powers is a bit dull, but still, this movie uses basically the same scare techniques as Ring (1998). It's the most apparent in the well chase scene. However, some parts of story do seem somewhat unnecessary, including the whole deal around Kanae's revenge. However, the movie does have its good points to, especially the explanaiton of what happened to Masami following Tomoko's death. So while it's definitely not at the same classic level as Ring (1998), it's still good.