Ring: Kanzenban

Original title: Ring: The Complete Edition
Genre: Mystery / Horror
Duration: 95 minutes
Year: 1995 (Japan) (broadcast version) / 1998 (Japan) (straight-to-video version)
Studio: Fuji Television Ltd.
Distribution: Fuji Television Ltd.
Directed By: Takigawa Chisui
Screenplay: Iida J˘ji and Soshitani Daiz˘, based on the novel Ring by Suzuko K˘ji
Producers: ????
Music: Ike K˘ji
Photography: ????
Production design: ????

        TAKAHASHI KATSUNORI as Asakawa Kazuyuki
        TACHIHARA MAI as Asakawa Shizuka
        HARADA YOSHIO as Takayama Ryuji
        SHIMIZU KOJI as professor Ikuma Heihachir˘
        MIURA AYANE as Yamamura Sadako
        HINAGATA AKIKO as ďishi Tomoko

Storyline: Reporter Asakawa Kazuyuki investigates the death of his wife's niece and four friends of hers. During the investigation, he finds and watches the cursed videotape, then he enlists help of his high-school associate, Takayama Ryuji...

Review: As with all movies, this one too has its good and bad sides, in this case, more good sides than bad ones. Firstly, this movie is way closer to the novel than the 1998 theatrical adaptation is (however, the 1998 theatrical adaptation does seem to be inspired by this 1995 television adpatation). Even the cursed video here is almost like the one in the novel. Of course that makes it not scary, but the cursed video was not meant to be scary in the first place. It was just meant to be mysterious. And mysterious the Kanzenban cursed video is. However, yes, this adaptation of Ring too has its unnecessary plot changes, but as explained in the FAQ, the plot changes actually make sense if you explain them in the right way (as stated before, the example theories are in the FAQ). So all-in-one, this adaptation of Ring is good, even better than the now infamous Korean remake of the 1998 theatrical adaptation.