Ring (the novel)

Original title: the Ring
Genre: Horror
Length: Over 400 pages
Year: 1991 (Japan)
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.
Author: Suzuki Kji

Storyline: Reporter Asakawa Kazuyuki investigates the death of his wife's niece and four friends of hers. During the investigation, he finds and watches the cursed videotape, then she enlists help of his high-school associate, Takayama Ryuji...

Review: Far, far better than the Ring movie! Chilling storyline, more gory and mysterious And yes, the novel has a male lead, Asakawa Kazuyuki, and Takayama Ryuji is his high-school associate. The cursed video is simply the best - introduction and final messages, an old lady talking in a dialect, etc. But I'm sorry, that the Vertical, Inc. translation is not good - Asakawa's wife changed from Shizuka to Shizu, the dialogues are completely wooden, with ABSOLUTELY NO emotion, Tsuji Yko now suddenly became Tsuji Haruko, and there's also, of couse, the famouse daughter-error on page 154. However, I had the chance to read the Russian translation of the novel as well, as it's freely available on the SUSI.RU website, and yes, that one is way better, but there, ishi Tomoko suddenly became ishi Cheko. Name reading mistakes, I guess.