Original title: Rings
Genre: Horror
Duration: 16 minutes
Year: 2005 (U.S.A.)
Studio: Amblin Entertainment / Asmik-Ace Entertainment / BenderSpink / DreamWorks SKG
Distribution: DreamWorks Distribution LLC / UIP
Directed By: Jonathan Liebesman
Screenplay: Ehren Kruger and Jonathan Liebesman
Producers: Arnon Manor, Rick Osako (as Rick A. Osako) and Jeanette Volturno
Music: Hans Zimmer (all music in Rings is from The Ring)
Photography: (Unknown)
Production design: Jennifer Spence

        RYAN MERRIMAN as Jake Pierce
        EMILY VANCAMP as Emily
        ALEX BRECKENRIDGE as Vanessa
        JOSH WISE as Timothy
        KELLY STABLES as Samara Morgan
        JUSTIN ALLEN as Eddie

Storyline: Jake Pierce is on his Day 7 of the curse. He has one day left to show his copy to Timothy and in this way, save himself. But back on Day 1, things were all different...

Review: Very good! I only wish this was the actual sequel to The Ring, not that crizzap called The Ring twO. Its main premise is very reminiscente of the main premise of Rasen - Samara's curse spreading all over the country. However, in Rings, it's different. Instead of Samara taking control over the curse spreading all by herself, here, there are rings of the Cult of Samara, which are spreading the tape around. This premise has been suggested by Suzuki Kji himself in the end of the Ring novel, where Asakawa Kazuyuki imagines the tape spreading all around Japan and possibly also out of its boundaries. And Rings made a good story out of this. Also, if you watch Rings before The Ring twO, you're going to find out that The Ring twO makes a lot more sense since if you watch Rings beforehand, you know what's happening in the beginning. So, in one word, it's: very good.

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