The Ring

Original title: The Ring
Genre: Horror
Duration: 115 minutes
Year: 2002 (U.S.A.)
Studio: Amblin Entertainment / Asmik-Ace Entertainment / BenderSpink / DreamWorks SKG
Distribution: DreamWorks Distribution LLC / UIP
Directed By: Gore Verbinski
Screenplay: Ehren Kruger, based on the novel Ring by Suzuki Kji and on the movie Ring (1998) by Nakata Hideo and Takahashi Hiroshi
Producers: Laurie McDonald and Walter F. Parkes
Music: Hans Zimmer
Photography: Bojan Bazelli
Production design: Tom Duffield

        NAOMI WATTS as Rachel Keller
        MARTIN HENDERSON as Noah Clay
        BRIAN COX as Richard Morgan
        JANE ALEXANDER as Dr. Grasnik
        DAVEIGH CHASE as Samara Morgan
        AMBER TAMBLYN as Katie Embry

Storyline: Reporter Rachel Keller investigates the death of her niece and four friends of hers. During the investigation, she finds and watches the cursed videotape, then she enlists help of her ex boyfriend, Noah Clary...

Review: Not as good as the Japanese originals, but still has its good sides. And most of them give enough material for a Rasen-style sequel, which unfortunately didn't happen - for example, scenes suchas the horse drowning and the needle on the video vaguely hinted about Samara causing some kind of virus on her victims. As for The Ring, it has another good thing. Not only we can consider it a very improved version of the not-so-good Korean remake, The Ring Virus, but they also put more moments from the novel here. For example, the scene with Rachel in the library, looking for the video's lighthouse in a book called Lighthouses of America has a parallel in the novel, where Asakawa Kazuyuki is in the library, looking for the video's volcano in a book called Volcanoes of Japan. And it's not the only one either. So the movie is in one word: good.