The Ring twO

Original title: The Ring twO
Genre: Horror
Duration: 107 minutes
Year: 2005 (U.S.A.)
Studio: DreamWorks SKG / Bender-Spink Inc. / MacDonald/Parkes Productions
Distribution: DreamWorks Distribution LLC / UIP
Directed By: Nakata Hideo
Screenplay: Ehren Kruger, based on the Ring 2 screenplay by Takahashi Hiroshi and some elements of the novel Rasen(?) by Suzuki Kji
Producers: Laurie MacDonald and Walter F. Parkes
Music: Hans Zimmer
Photography: Gabriel Beristein
Production design: James D. Bissell

        NAOMI WATTS as Rachel Keller
        SIMON BAKER as David Rourke
        DAVID DORFMAN as Aidan Keller
        ELIZABETH PERKINS as Dr. Emma Temple
        DAVEIGH CHASE as Samara Morgan
        SISSY SPACEK as Evelyn

Storyline: Six months after the events in The Ring, Rachel Keller and her son Aidan moved from Seattle to Astoria, where they wanted to begin a new life. However, a local crime scene, along with the unlabelled videotape found there, look eerily familiar...

Review: Well... that's what I call a mix-up of storylines. This is a combination of Rasen, Ring 2 and a continuation of the Morgan storyline in The Ring. They screwed it up completely by making Rachel trying to investigate further on Samara's past - they could have left that for the prequel. I hope the prequel will have some storyline (yeah, the DreamWorks fansite announced, that The Ring zerO(?) is already in the works). Overall, it's even worse, than The Ring.